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States of Guernsey 2018
Map last updated 22/04/2018 06:44:01
Activity in date range 22/04/2018 to 22/04/2018
Activity Type Location Dates
G-E180077 Closure CASTEL - Le Villocq Lane
20th Mar 18
25th May 18

Guernsey Electricity Ltd LV Fault at above location. Cable fault has now changed to complete replacement of mains cable from Meadow Drive to Clos du Villocq.
PSR180027 Closure CASTEL - Rue des Grantez
20th Apr 18
4th May 18

Traffic and Highway Service Road resurfacing SELF SIGN
ENV180447 Closure CASTEL - Rue du Gele
19th Apr 18
23rd Apr 18

Geomarine Ltd Access is required to an existing F/W manhole approx. 40m into Rue du Gele for over pumping purposes, 07.30am to 3.00pm
G-E180048 Closure ST. MARTIN - Old Mapleton Hotel, Jerbourg Road
16th Apr 18
25th Apr 18

Guernsey Electricity Ltd Install new pillar and mains alteration at above address.
ENV180360 Diversion ST. PETER PORT - La Butte
16th Apr 18
27th Apr 18

Island Scaffolding Scaffold build at Le P''Tit Hu
ENV180001 One-Way ST. PETER PORT - Les Amballes
26th Feb 18
22nd Apr 19

Infinity Construction Pavement closed with covered walkway in the road for building construction
ENV160033 Closure ST. PETER PORT - The Strand
29th Feb 16
1st Jun 18

R G Falla Piled foundations and construction works to the old former Brewery site
G-W180029 Closure TORTEVAL - Rue De Planel
9th Apr 18
4th May 18

Guernsey Water Slip line 4 Asbestos /cast iron main
PSD180043 Closure VALE - La Hure Mare Road
9th Apr 18
31st Aug 18

Guernsey Water Renewing Main drain